Digital Molecular Diagnostic.

Rapid. Modular. Networked.

Easy Saliva-based sampling.

COVID-19 is our first indication.

NAOR Highlights

  • Innovative RNA Extraction-free, Saliva-based isothermal molecular diagnostic.
  • Self-collected sampling with end-to end mobile tracking and reporting of tests.
  • Modular approach enabling high-throughput use in settings such as airports, campuses, schools, and workplaces. Easily adaptable to home use.
  • Processing can be done on-premise or in other locations.
  • The RNA detection technology originated from the Israeli Technion.
  • Nucleic acid amplification method to multiply specific sequences of RNA, resulting in high sensitivity and specificity.
  • Developed in collaboration with multiple organizations and researchers, including MAFAT (the R&D arm of the Israeli Ministry of Defense) and RAMBAM Medical Center.
  • Tested with thousands of people in multiple countries.
  • The original work had been among the first clinical studies to be published showcasing RNA extraction-free COVID-19 molecular diagnostic.
  • A pipeline of innovations utilizing the core platform for additional indications and use-cases.


“Professor Geva-Zatorsky and her team have provided a breakthrough in the global battle against the spread of COVID-19…. I can easily see this technology used not only in medical clinics, but also the workplace, at airports and eventually within our homes.”

Dr. Steven R. Goodman


Editor-in-Chief of Experimental Biology & Medicine

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