What if you could conduct COVID-19 tests for hundreds of people in parallel on-premise, in less than an hour, and at lab grade?

NAOR is a patented rapid and decentralized isothermal RNA diagnostic platform. It could also be adopted for home use. At its core, we use an innovative nucleic acid amplification method to multiply specific sequences of RNA, resulting in high sensitivity and specificity. The modular technology enables high-throughput use in settings such as airports, schools, and workplaces.  The entire process is based on simple self-collected saliva samples and can be easily adopted to a variety of other biological targets. Samples can be processed on-site or at a nearby place without any special infrastructure.

NAOR Highlights

  • Innovative RNA Extraction free, Saliva-based isothermal detection of RNA.
  • Self-collected sampling and end-to end mobile tracking and reporting of tests.
  • Modular approach enabling high-throughput use in settings such as airports, schools, and workplaces.  
  • Processing can be done on-premise or at other locations.
  • The RNA detection technology originated from the Israeli Technion.
  • Developed in collaboration with a wealth of organizations and researchers, including MAFAT (the R&D arm of the Israeli Ministry of Defense) and RAMBAM Medical Center.
  • The platform and its component had been tested with thousands of people in multiple countries.
  • The original work had been among the first clinical studies to be published showcasing RNA extraction-free COVID-19 molecular diagnostic.



“Professor Geva-Zatorsky and her team have provided a breakthrough in the global battle against the spread of COVID-19…. I can easily see this technology used not only in medical clinics, but also the workplace, at airports and eventually within our homes.”

Dr. Steven R. Goodman


Editor-in-Chief of Experimental Biology & Medicine

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