Decentralized Rapid Diagnostics

“As the number of positive cases increases, there has also been a surge in testing that is beginning to hit limitations on scale. Contributing factors include limitations on consumable supplies (for example, reagents) for both lab-based and rapid point-of-care molecular testing, the overall turnaround times for lab results, and capacity for lab-based molecular testing. Pooled testing has recently been given an Emergency Use Authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration as an option for improving capacity for lab-based molecular testing. Dependence on such testing for proactive monitoring is likely limited. Expansion for rapid point-of-care molecular testing will likely prove to be fruitful for monitoring purposes.” (Shifting focus to a comprehensive COVID-19-monitoring infrastructure, McKinsey & Company, August 2020).

NAOR is a rapid isothermal RNA diagnostic platform, initially addressing SARS-CoV-2 virus. The platform brings rapid high throughput, lab-grade detection to the field (schools, airports and airplanes, borders, workplace) and to at-home settings. Our platform is intended to provide a comprehensive solution for a variety of settings that organizations and countries of different sizes are facing, enabling a faster and safer path to open up their respective economies.

NaorCov19 is available in select countries and market segments. Please use the Contact Us page for further details regarding availability in your market.

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